Diversity in the city
Diversity in the city
Grow your own food in town!

More than 700 million people – all around the world – grow veggies and fruits in the city. For many of them city gardening is an important way of getting extra food and a possibility to feed the family.

We have our city garden in Lund, in the south of Sweden. Growing your own food is not a necessity here for survival, but still there are many advantages with farming in the city:

  • It gives us organic and nutritious vegetables, fruits, seeds, beans and berries
  • Composting and mulching is good for recycling wastes and makes our city life more sustainable
  • It gives us food without being dependant on transportations, pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • It gives us a good deal of exercise and the wonderful feeling of being part of nature
  • It keeps up knowledge that is on its way of disappearing

You can grow edible plants in pots on your balcony, on a terrace, in your garden or your backyard or you can rent an allotment. We have hired four allotments, altogether 400 square meters, where we grow most of the veggies we need for four persons. Intensive gardening can bring large yields without a lot of work, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We try to grow as much as possible without buying anything; we even grow most of our seeds.

Welcome to our city garden!
Karin and Ulrika

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